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‘Neglected’ parts of towns uplifted by beautiful art projects

More than 120 people have changed the face of a “forgotten” part of their town over three days with help from local artists.

The project, Pillars of the Community, took place in Farley Hill, Luton and was commissioned by Revoluton Arts. The funding mostly came from Arts Council England, Creative People and Places, and Bedford and Luton Citizens Fund.

Aimi Rixt, who lives in the area and is the leader of the project, said “I've noticed that it's just very depressing up there.

They've got overgrown shrubs and these dirty pillars that had writing, graffiti and phone numbers. They looked like they hadn't been paid any attention for a good decade.” and continued to say it looked "old and tatty". Revoluton Arts also commented that Farley Hill had "historically received very little investment and been afforded very few creative opportunities''.

They asked for passionate artists and people wanting to make a difference to join them in transforming the pillars. With help from pupils from the local Hillborough Junior School, charities, sports clubs and a nursing home, they managed to transform the neglected area to an incredible street mural that has been widely celebrated.

Lindsey Pugh, chief executive and creative director of Revoluton Arts, said there was remarkable engagement from the community. "We want to build on this appetite and work with residents to develop a range of creative activities that support positive change for people."

The Pillars were officially unveiled on the 15th of September by the Farley Hill community centre. However Revoluton Arts said, in a Facebook post “You can also admire the artwork adorning the pillars along Whipperley Way Ring for years to come”.



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