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Our Presenters


Michelle Papworth

Director of On-Screen Talent / Presenter

Michelle joined YouthTV in 2020 alongside Urban. Michelle has been responsible for recrituing presenters and training them. She oversees all of the performance and talent at YouthTV.

Alongside her roles at YouthTV, Michelle presents The Show alongside Urban Judge.

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Urban Judge


As the Founder & CEO of YouthTV, Urban is responsible for the overall output of what our viewer see while watching our content.

Urban presents with Michelle on The Show and has joined Afternoon Tea as a co-host on multiple occasions. 

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Emily Laird

Presenter / Arts & Entertainment Editor

Emily presents The Show and is responsible for gathering and reporting on all of the Arts and Entertainment news for The Show and its social media platforms keeping our viewers up-to-date on the latest developments in the showbiz world.

Krish Gupta


Krish joined The Show's presenting team in February 2023 after stints on Afternoon Tea in July 2022. Krish is also a verified artist on Spotify and is a singer/songwriter. Check out his music here

Raahimah Saeed

Tips + Advice Editor

Raahimah is our in-house Tips + Advice responsible for updating and informing young people of the latest Tips + Advice.

Raahimah works with industry professionals to get the latest tips and advice to communicate to young people.


Jasmine Basra

Polticial Editor

Jasmine is YouthTV's Politicial Editor and works across all of its programmes to bring the latest news and discsussions in the world of politics.

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