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Our Team.

Our team is what makes our show unique. We're a worldwide family, connected not just by where we are, but by our collaborative and inventive drive to produce captivating content. And remember, we're more than just colleagues – we're friends too. Our dedicated Central team provides both support and expertise in key areas of our group's management. Their role is to enable Directors, Producers and Technical crew to focus on content improvement by reducing unnecessary administrative burdens.  This enables the smooth running of our programmes and content operationally and secures best value for money. All of our teams are volunteers and have a passion for the creative industry.

To get in touch with our team, please email:

Core Senior Leadership Team

vMix Capture 03 April 2024 18-17-14.png

Urban Judge

Chief Executive Officer
vMix Capture 29 March 2024 09-57-55.png

Michelle Papworth

Senior Deputy CEO
CJP-3 (4).png

Krish Gupta

Interim Deputy CEO: Production, Development, Marketing & Operations

Emily Laird

Interim Deputy CEO:
People & Culture; Talent & Partnerships & Operations
Jessica Sendze 2024.png

Jessica Sendze

Head of Industry Relations

Cezar Ignat

Analytics and Marketing Specialist
CJP-3 (2).png

Alice Lightbody

Graphic Communication Specialist
CJP-3 (1).png

Harvey Garner

ICT Systems Lead

Extended Senior Leadership Team

Production Team

CJP-3 (4).png

Krish Gupta

Interim Deputy CEO: Production
Harrison Lewellyn 2023.png

Harrison Lewellyn

Interim Head of Production

Lewis Wisson

Social Media Co-ordinator
CJP-3 (5).png

Nicolas Menhart

Producer (Content)
CJP-3 (6).png

Daniel Ivins

Producer (Features)
CJP-3 (12).png

Ashton Tull

Producer, The Show

Annie Roberts

Script Writer, The Show

Talent Team

Head Shots (with backgorund) (4 of 7).jpg

Michelle Papworth

Head of Talent & Presenter

Urban Judge

Senior Presenter
CJP-3 (4).png

Krish Gupta


Emily Laird

CJP-3 (13).png

Jasmine Basra

News Editor, The Show

Raahimah Saeed

Tips + Advice Editor, The Show
Faith Goncalves 2023.webp

Faith Goncalves


Arlo Loft

Sports Editor,
The Show

Admin & Support Team

Creative Consultants

CJP-3 (14).png

Diana Hedley

Chief Creative Consultant

Jay Aryanel

Creative Consultant
CJP-3 (3).png

Anamaria Catrina

People & Culture Manager

Louise Intingaro

Executive Assistant

Scarlett Hart

PA to CEO & SLT Support
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