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15-Year-Old Bedford Filmmaker breaks into industry with Debut Short Film

EL Productions Ltd, a budding youth film production company, is proud to announce the release of a captivating short film directed by the talented 15-year-old film producer, Elio Lepore, who also attends Bedford School in Year 11. This young filmmaker's vision and passion have given life to a remarkable cinematic creation that is set to leave audiences in awe.

The new short film showcases Elio Lepore's remarkable talents in storytelling and filmmaking. The movie tells a gripping tale that will resonate with audiences of all ages. It promises to be a testament to Elio's dedication, creativity, and his ability to transcend the limitations of his age.

“Making this movie has been an adventure filled with passion, commitment and the art of storytelling. It demonstrates the potential that arises when young creativity and a collective vision unite surpassing age barriers to produce something captivating.” - Elio Lepore, Founder & CEO of EL Productions Ltd, 15.

Elio Lepore, the creative genius behind the project, shared his thoughts on the film, saying I'm excited for audiences to experience the chills and thrills we've carefully crafted. His unique perspective and ability to bring emotions to life on the screen are sure to capture the hearts of viewers.

The film boasts an exceptional cast and crew, each contributing their skills and passion to make this project a success. It is a testament to the collaborative spirit of EL Productions Ltd and the dedication of young talents in the world of cinema. Elio has brought both the acting and technical youth communities together.

“The best part of the filming process for me was being able to work in such a professional environment that, I felt, gave me a taste for film acting. As a young actor, a gained two brilliant friendships with my cast mates and I hope I gain an element of pride when witnessing the final product” – Henry Gillham, 15.

Elio Lepore's journey as a filmmaker started at a young age, and his remarkable talents are evident in every frame of the film. His passion for storytelling began around four years ago, when him and a friend, Nico, went to record a film in Bedford with just an iPhone. From doing that four years ago, Elio has grown and thrived, making a name for himself in the competitive world of filmmaking.

“I enjoyed watching behind the scenes and seeing it all come together and I think it was a really fun experience” – Brooke Knight, 15.

As Elio Lepore ventures into the world of cinema, they invite you to join them on this extraordinary journey with the release of his latest short-film which remains un-named until the premiere on Sunday 29 November 2023, at 6pm. The short film promises to be a breathtaking experience, pushing the boundaries of creativity and filmmaking.

Details about the film's online premiere and availability can be found on the official EL Productions Ltd Instagram page: @eliolepore1. Keep an eye out for the film, as it is set to captivate audiences and establish Elio Lepore as a young force to be reckoned with in the world of film.

Watch Elio Lepore and Nico Greco's interview with Urban Judge



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