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Catch up: The Show for September 2021

🕑 Last updated: Thursday 23rd September at 20:55pm


• Watch the latest edition of The Show (when available) by using the player above. This month, Youth TV introduced a new presenter to The Show, that is Hollie Comparetto. - She will be joining us every couple of months. A jam-packed 25 minute show for you, we have an Interview with Jo 'Happiness' Howarth from The Happiness Club who are a membership based mental health and mindfulness support service. A quick-tip video from Fiona Spargo-Mabbs from The Daniel Spargo Mabbs Foundation who deliver Drug Education to the UK. Also, we will be sharing your weird food combinations and Urban, Michelle and Hollie will be doing a real-facts quiz with a crazy twist.

The Show is back with Urban & Michelle in October.



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