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Global Academy hosts RiseUp Summer School

On 26th July 2023, YouthTV were invited to come down to Global Academy London to partake in their RiseUp Summer School for a day. Throughout the day, we had the honour of listening to very talented speakers give fascinating talks on the various aspects of the media industry. This ranged from the artificial intelligence sector to post-production editing skills. We also got to enjoy the many workshops available, where young people collaborated to produce creative projects which honed their abilities and developed new skills, as well as allowed for many to discover new talents.

Volunteers spoke very highly of the experience, often referring to how joyful and excited the young people were everyday upon arrival. This was definitely visible for YouthTV when we joined the sessions, as the young people got involved eagerly and committedly with every aspect. Their passion for the media industry was very clear, which reflected the aims of the volunteers - who wanted this experience to inspire the next generation of directors, presenters, producers, data scientists and general media industry workers to follow their dreams.

The talent amongst the students was outstanding, making the experience strongly enjoyable and exciting as everybody worked as a team to create incredible projects that absolutely blew us away. We even got to attend a talk from our very own Urban Judge, who answered any questions the attendees had regarding a career in the media industry.

Michelle got stuck-in with helping with the creation of the quiz-show as a contestant!

We also spoke to many of the inspirational volunteers who helped make this all possible.



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