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Review: YouthTV Presents... at Bedford Esquires - Music Venue

With three can’t-miss bands, an energetic atmosphere and behind the scenes interviews, the YouthTV Season 4 Launch Party was a truly brilliant event. Hosted at Bedford’s own music venue: Esquires, the launch party was a great chance to see the towns up-and-coming artists.

Our first act, Izzy and Max, kicked off the night perfectly with their musical talent and sensational singing abilities. Also accompanied by musicians; Mia Rae on bass, Sophie on the trumpet, and Jason on keys.

Next was Daybreak, the six-member band did a brilliant job bringing energy into the crowd and creating an unbeatable atmosphere.

Additional Act, The Black Ties, debuted with an amazing cover song and stand-out theme that instantly captivated the crowd.

Finally, The Greensands closed off the night keeping the crowd always wanting more. Their three-part band wowed everyone, finishing off the night with energy still high.

A massive thank you to Harpur Centre for sponsoring the event and Urban Judge and the YouthTV group for organisation.

(L to R: Ryan Harris, Urban Judge, Michelle Papworth, Diana Hedley, Samantha Laycock).

The event was a great celebration for 4 years of the show’s running and it perfectly demonstrated the young talent that YouthTV likes to work alongside and encourage from its own audience.

See the photo gallery below:



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